Social Media Recruiting Strategy – In order to have a Social Media Recruiting Strategy you first have to know how to generate leads online. Any Social Media Recruiting Strategy that focuses on value first will generate leads that will turn into new recruits.

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Seductive Sponsoring

Seductive Sponsoring –

Seductive Sponsoring is the difference between sponsoring one person a month and sponsoring twenty. The key to Seductive Sponsoring is knowing why people join any company.

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Best Social Media Strategy?

Watch this video to discover a Social Media Strategy Example. This Social Media Strategy Example contains a simple formula that allows you to blatantly pitch your business, brand, product or service without harming your relationships or losing credibility.

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Functions of Muscles | Goals? – Functions of Muscles

There are many functions of muscles in our body, but what is the most important muscle?

So you’re in the gym everyday (or if you’re like me…sometimes) working out your body. What about you’re mental workout? Have you ever heard the saying “as within so with out” What i’m […]

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Example of Marketing Plan

Part 3 of So You’re Ready To Take Your Talents…Online I give you a simple diagram example of a social media marketing plan. In this example I also introduce you to what I call “Blogbone”.

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The Best Question?

Questions are the answers whether you ask questions online or offline the most important thing to do is ask.  But is there a question that is head and shoulders above all the others?  If you already ask questions online to leads or prospects you know the answer is yes.  This one question can get you […]

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Market Research Definition

Part 2 of So You’re Ready To Bring Your Talents…Online

Market Research allows you to identify who your target market is and what their core motivations are. It is by far the most important thing you can do for yourself and your business when going online.

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